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MP Comments on Golf Club Robbery

“I must say I was truly shocked at the brazen nature of the robbery at Carnalea Golf Club, where four robbers appeared, not after dark and wearing nondescript clothes but, instead, wearing high visibility jackets and in broad daylight.

So brazen and so frightening!  I can’t even begin to imagine the fear and trauma the Golf Club staff must have experienced, when confronted by two of these characters and then robbed.  The only mercy is that no weapons were used and no injuries sustained by anyone at the Club.

I’m also reassured to know the police have considerable details about the vehicle used at the scene and descriptions of the culprits themselves, whom I trust will be speedily apprehended and brought before the courts.”

June 24th, 2010

Hermon Questions Department on Fish Deaths

“It was only on Sunday’s midnight news on the radio that I first heard the horrible news about fish dying in Portavo reservoir.  As Dougal-dog and I often walk there, I had noticed the much lower water level but, nevertheless, I just couldn’t believe that factor alone would have caused trout to die in their dozens.

Although Northern Ireland Water did respond fairly promptly to my inquiries on Monday, officials merely confirmed that there had been no pollution of the reservoir and cited the poor quality of the water, due to prolonged dry weather, as the cause of the fish deaths.  Despite this explanation, I’m still most unhappy about a number of significant factors.

First and foremost, it was very upsetting to see large, mature trout in obvious distress, flopping around aimlessly in the shallow end of the reservoir on Monday evening.  Anglers on the scene were asking me why these poor fish had not been netted by DCAL officials and humanely killed, rather than left to suffer a slow and lingering death.  They also questioned whether the fish had succumbed to lice or some type of fungal infection, and wanted to know why the so-called “hotline” number printed on their fishing licences, for emergencies like this, was not answered.

I’ve now put these questions to both Northern Ireland Water and to DCAL, the government department which invested thousands of pounds in Portavo reservoir only a few years ago in order to make it the “jewel in the crown” of public fishing.  From where local anglers and I were standing on Monday evening, that crown looked very tarnished and sad indeed.”

June 24th, 2010

MP Comments on Bangor Stabbing

“When I heard about the stabbing of a young man in Ballyferris Walk, my immediate thoughts were with him and his family, after what must have been an extremely harrowing ordeal for them all.  Mercifully, his injuries are not life-threatening, and I trust he makes a full recovery quickly.

However, those responsible need to recognise that this vicious and callous attack could very easily have ended in complete tragedy with the attackers facing extremely serious charges. 

It is essential that the local police have all the support and information possible to help with their investigation in order to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

June 3rd, 2010

Hermon Working for Post-Primary Pupils

“My Constituency Office has been inundated this week with letters and calls from distressed parents, extremely worried that their son or daughter has not been able to secure a preferred post-primary place locally.

This is clearly a very stressful time for everyone involved, and especially for the children who, through absolutely no fault of their own, find themselves temporarily in a position of great uncertainty about their academic future.

I’ve immediately been in touch with the Chief Executive of the South Eastern Education & Library Board, and will continue to liaise closely with parents and the Board in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the pupils affected.”

June 3rd, 2010