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Hermon Comments on Car Accident

“Early reports of the car accident came via text messages on Saturday evening to my ‘baby’ son who, at 17, passed his driving test during the summer.  I must say Thomas was visibly shaken by further text messages, bringing as they did news of the critical condition of the driver, a young man living not far from us in Donaghadee.

Whilst he remains so ill in hospital, the agony must be unbearable for his family and friends, especially those who had also been in the car with him when it crashed.

Judging by the subsequent stream of texts between Thomas and mutual friends of the driver, I know every one of them is rooting for him to make a full recovery.  I can only pray that, with the tremendous expertise of our medical and nursing staff, this nightmare for his family and friends will shortly be replaced by much more encouraging news.”

September 24th, 2009

MP Welcomes Minister to North Down

“It was a real pleasure for me to have Minister Margaret Ritchie back in the North Down constituency again, this time with her Department’s ‘Road Show’ seeking suggestions about tackling some of Northern Ireland’s major problems.  It was also very helpful to have officials present, including the head of the Housing Executive, to deal with specific queries after the formal part of the meeting.

It’s high time politicians listened carefully to the views of the public, and Margaret certainly showed, by her thoughtful responses to individual questions, that she was indeed listening intently.

Now, of course, I’m impatient and very curious to see what proposals materialise from her Department after the Road Shows come to an end.  Hopefully, they will not include recommendations for yet another commission, another quango or another think-tank.”

September 2nd, 2009