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Hermon Urges Action on Water & Sanitation

“Amidst all the gloomy news about the economic downturn, Tearfund’s campaign about clean water and good sanitation provides us with a timely reminder of the problems faced in the world’s poorest communities. 

Although being presented with a toilet-seat may seem quite comical, it does nevertheless send a powerful message and I’m grateful to constituents and churches in North Down for lobbying me so actively.

I find it deeply shocking that around 5000 little children die needlessly every single day due to unsafe water and grossly inadequate sanitation.  While banks might need to be bailed out and economists worry about a global recession, the terrible plight of the innocent and most vulnerable in the world must not be overlooked.

That’s why I’ve called upon the Prime Minister to include water security, especially in Africa, at this week’s G20 summit when the world’s most influential leaders have his attention.  Let’s see the priorities at the end of the week.”

April 2nd, 2009