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Hermon wants Lisa Home

Speaking during Tuesday’s Northern Ireland Grand Committee debate, Lady Hermon reminded all members that 28th February marked the second anniversary of the murder and disappearance of her young constituent, Lisa Dorrian.

“In these harrowing circumstances” she asked NIO Minister David Hanson “what precisely can the newly appointed Victims Commissioner do for the Dorrian family?”

In response, the Minister confirmed that “the bringing to book of whoever killed Lisa Dorrain is the prime aim. …I hope that the Commissioner, when appointed, will examine what can be done to help support Lisa’s family, but also look across Northern Ireland as a whole at the services that can be provided to victims.”

Following the debate the North Down MP reflected: “It’s a traumatic and heartbreaking experience for the Dorrian family to watch one year pass into two without the return of Lisa’s remains. But they are a remarkable family, so strong and so dignified in the face of terrible adversity. For them I have the greatest admiration, and I’m also most grateful to the PSNI for their continued efforts to retrieve her body and prosecute those responsible.

I refuse to give up hope that the culprits will face justice and punishment. A phonecall is all it takes to let Lisa home to rest in peace. Anyone with the slightest information that could bring an end to this living nightmare for the Dorrian family should do the right thing – phone Crimestoppers or the local police.”

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