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MP expresses disgust at Poet Robbery

Local Member of Parliament, Lady Hermon, has described how she reacted with disgust and disbelief when hearing the news that disabled Christian poet, Dorothy Anderson, had been robbed at her Stricklands Bay home on Saturday night.

“This was a very cruel act. I was absolutely disgusted that Dorothy should have been treated in such a callous and insensitive manner by the two thugs who raided her home on Saturday night. Quite frankly, I find it inconceivable that anybody could be so merciless towards someone so vulnerable”, the North Down MP said.

Lady Hermon continued by describing Dorothy’s reaction as “a very real testament to how she lives out her Christian faith and a tremendous example for others to follow. Her forgiveness of those who had perpetrated such cruelty against her was quite remarkable and showed a real generosity of spirit.”

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